Contractual Terms
1.1. These contractual conditions are valid for promotional products made and marketed by SC HOME ESCAPE SRL, Exclusive Representative Official SLEVORI Exclusive Silver Art in Romania. Buyer named beneficiaries in order ranges of products made and marketed by SC HOME ESCAPE SRL, (Supplier continued) according to the published prices on the web page: http://www.slevori.ro. By signing the contract away a present after receiving the product / products provided by the SC HOME ESCAPE SRL, Customer accepts all the provisions thereof. Out by agreement of the supplier may exempt certain conditions of this contract.
1.2. Performance of the contract.
The supplier has the obligation to transmit the customer to the product ordered by it within 5 working days. In the absence of stock order will be taken and processed for 25 days and the client informed on that by phone. For non-deadline above, Beneficiary has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract or by mutual agreement lagged term delivery delay period. After execution of the order, it will be sent to the provider customer.
Relationship with each of our clients is very important to us. SLEVORI EXCLUSIVE SILVER ART guarantees quality and accept return items for any reason within 10 days after receiving the product provided in advance to obtain the opinion of our return in writing (e-mail, fax) and the product is accompanied by a Minutes of returning the product + note:

We have received and read the certificate of quality and warranty of products and how to maintain them. Products are returned in the invoice issued by ESCAPE HOME SRL date written to the customer. The beneficiary is obliged to return the product in perfect condition at the time of delivery and to meet the conditions for maintaining it, otherwise, if it has traces of adhesive or other abrasive damage .,Customer will no longer advertise this problem. If the product is damaged nature of the factory will be replaced with another new one to the customer and refunded the payment covered by the Supplier. In case of refund, refund will be made in the course of 25 days. Consumer rights and obligations are stipulated in the O.G nr.130/2000 approved by Law 51/2003 republished in the Official Gazette on the basis of distance contracts and O.G 21/1992 republished with the subsequent modifications of consumer protection.

Telephone Consumer Protection: - 021 312 12 75, extension 944
fax - 021 314 34 61
or e-mail - biroupresa@anpc.ro

1.3. Conditions of Warranty

Because as a result of the technological process of processing a silver hand, to manufacture small, there may be some differences from the original (color, material, size, performance, etc..), They can not be invoked reason qualitative deficiencies.
If the goods delivered will be found defective products for this recipient could not refuse taking the appropriate and recognize that it is about individual products and to apply the price reduction or replacement, but only for defective products.

1.4. Method of billing

The provider will issue the invoice in the accounting function of the specific products invoiced, the identification and Beneficiary name and the products with prices displayed on the web page: http://www.slevori.ro. Invoice issued by the Supplier will highlight any customer discounts granted.

1.5. Terms and Conditions of Delivery

For products ordered on demand from the SC HOME ESCAPE SRL delivery time stated in the contract.
The supplier may be forced to damages only if the delay was caused intentionally or through serious negligence. The beneficiary is not entitled to damages, if the delay is due to his fault or force majors.

1.6. How transport and delivery - goods receipt.

Transportation will be made by the Supplier through the courier chosen provider. Customer undertakes to pay the equivalent product and transportation fee + packing (antishoc envelope) before to receive the package.

1.7. Terms of payment

Terms of payment shall be established by mutual written agreement by e-mail or fax. The supplier has the right to require full or partial payment in advance for products marketed. All products are supplied with the bill, so it will not be able to invoke as a reason of delay of payment. If payment will be delayed recipient is obliged to pay penalty of 0.5% for each day of delay on the entire bill. Products supplied remain in possession of the Provider until of execution by Customer of all contractual obligations, until then he is obliged to keep them in good conditions.

1.8. Litigation

Parties will solve disputes about principle amiable. Also indifferent value is given exclusive competence to resolve disputes in the Court of Bucharest.
For problems that were not covered by this contract shall apply the Civil Code.

Above mentioned conditions are not applied to products purchased directly from our stores.
Provider reserves all copyright on products published and made it.

Customer services:
Business hours: 09.00 - 21.00
Nichifor Adriana:Sales Representative

General Manager:
Mariana Gatman: 0723190642

Adress:Calea 13 septembrie nr 221-225,Complex Prosper Plaza,et 2.

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